How to Spice Up Your Cart For the Next Golf Game

Are you looking for something interesting to add to your cart? Maybe you’re a novice in this field and you want something to make you blend in? Or you’re just looking to spice things up a bit. You are in the right place.

This article will highlight for you 5 tips you can use to add some spice to your cart for your next game.

Pack some snacks

Finger foods will always come in handy when you missed a chance to chow down some food before golf time. It could also be a supplementary thing for you to add some energy or boost your blood pressure a little bit with these snacks.

Carry along with you some candy, protein bars, peanut butter crackers, cookies, Fritos. Better yet, why don’t you carry some fruits, tea sandwiches or Cheetos. Just don’t forget to carry some napkins with you. It could get real messy with all the goodness from the food.

Improvise on Entertainment

How about some soothing music as you tee off? Carry along with you some Bluetooth enabled music kits to keep you entertained on the yard. Set some tunes, adjust the volume and embrace the sound of music. Just don’t play it too loud to disturb other players, it is a public property either way.

If you don’t own Bluetooth speakers or an iPod, you can also get a customized speaker installed in your cart, so even as you drive around the course, you will be entertained. Have your speaker installed with phone holder close by so you can adjust the music you want to listen to faster and easier, even as you drive.

Pimp Out Your Cart

Speaking of customizing your cart, why don’t you get some added kicks to your car. Just so you can feel a little better about yourself. Besides the essential accessories such as a windshield, fenders and roof cover. Maybe get frames for your plates.

Add some images, stickers or quotes on the plates for some goofiness or savviness. Besides, you’re looking for something fun. Write out something like, ‘No place I’d rather be’. Get creative with your words, something you feel will speak for you.

Double Your Seats

As you’re still customizing, why don’t you add some extra seats? The additional seats mean you can go along with friends and family and have an incredible day. Maybe play double up games.

Customizing the seats means you can add whichever design you want, from a rear front facing seat to a folding seat. As it unfolds, you can have more storage spaces to place your other accessories.

Carry Your cooler

Imagine yourself playing golf, at around dusk, just when the sun is setting. You enjoying your cold beverage. Am sure you would want to miss out on that chance.

So carry along with you a cooler, compact enough to fit in the cart and large enough to carry your drinks. It’s important to stay hydrated with this open-air game.

There are plenty of things you can do to spice up your cart for the next game. Why don’t you try out these top 5 tips and see how your next tee-off day comes along. Remember, the fun starts with you.

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