How To Transform Your Golf Cart Into A Locomotive Beast

When the first golf cart was designed sometime back in the 1930s, not many people envisioned their use off the golf course. But as time went by, golfers discovered there were more utilities to these vehicles than simply ferrying their golf supplies.

The modern golf cart has been reengineered to overcome some of the roughest terrains that only 4-WD vehicles dare to explore. If you are still using your golf cart for its originally-intended purposes, perhaps it is time to diversify and enjoy maximum benefits from this vehicle. But first, you need to soup it up for any off-the-course adventures, and that shall be the focus of this post.

5 Ways To Transform Your Golf Cart Into A Powerful Automotive

Incorporate Heavy-duty Tires

Since most of us have been used to driving golf carts on pavements, we have never seen a need to incorporate heavy-duty tires. And that’s only understandable as street tires are known to be more fuel- and power-efficient.

However, if you wish to venture beyond golf courses and street pavements, then perhaps it is time to add heavy-duty tires to your golf cart. These tires are ideal for the off-road rides characterized by bumpy rides and sharp objects. And thanks to their enormous size and deeper treads, even riding over muddy pools will feel more like a piece of cake.

Add Some Lighting

Lighting is especially instrumental if you intend to ride in the dark. Not only are they important for illuminating your pathway and helping you avoid overly bumpy and muddy sections of the road, but are also great for your safety at night.

Even better, they will help you avoid bumping into oncoming vehicles and pedestrians. You can experiment with normal headlights or if you intend to drive under pitch dark conditions, then you may want to get your cart LED headlights. Apart from the headlights, you can also incorporate interior dome-lights, just in case you need help locating your keys, golf supplies and other personal effects.

Install Extra Seating

Cruising on a golf cart is a thrill-filled adventure, and the thrill gets better when you are cruising with your loved one or a group of friends. Imagine a romantic escapade into the jungle using this vehicle! In order to make your little cruises truly forgettable, you may need to install extra seating. There are lots of kits that you can buy and manually install these extra seating.

And it is totally up to you as to what direction the seats face –whether front or rear. Also, these kits are flexible enough that when you are not riding with your friends in the cart, you can fold them down and have enough room for carrying extra supplies.

Also Give Some Thought To Fenders

We all love the feel of splashing through puddles on a golf cart, especially after a successful run on the course. It is a way of celebrating our achievements and looking forward to brighter days ahead. However, I can bet no one of us like the idea of doing the laundry afterwards.

Thankfully, you can have the time of your life splashing through muddy pools without worrying about getting your clothes or shoes dirty. The solution lies in getting fenders for your cart. Even if you do not intend to ride over mud-filled pathways, fenders will still save the day during wet weather.

Revamp Your Battery

Well, we cannot forget how important a role batteries play in a golf cart. But if your batteries are not powerful enough and you happen to wander too far off the track, you cannot imagine the kind of distress you will go through trying to walk your way back. Therefore, you may need to revamp your batteries by increasing the voltage from 36V up to 48V.

A higher-voltage battery will give you more speed and torque, making it possible to cruise in your cart without worrying of a possible shutdown. To make it better, always have a new charger as well as a new controller with you.

And there goes our guide on how to spice up your golf cart. For more information on this and other golf-related topics, feel free to check out our other blogs on Golf Cart Goodies.

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